WAIVER (Event Participant Agreement)

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MUIC Event Participant Agreement (WAIVER Letter)

Please read this document carefully – it affects your legal rights.

This agreement is to be completed by all registered participants (players, guests, staff & volunteers) at the; MUIC 2021 Madrid Ultimate International Cup

For the purposes of this agreement:

“MUIC” means the Madrid Ultimate International cup, and includes all of its committees, member national affiliated, associations and clubs; and their directors, officers, employees and volunteers;

“Sport” means a flying disc sport, including ultimate, and individual events.

“Event” includes the specific MUIC event for which the participant is registered and any future MUIC events that the person may participate in, notwithstanding future agreements entered into.

“Activity” means any activity associated with participation in the Event, including all competitions, preparations,social events, meetings, ceremonies and the provision of services such as accommodation, food and transport.

“I”, “Me”, “My” refers to the person undersigned and all minors for whom they are a legal guardian.


This agreement aims to make clear some, but not all, of the aspects of the Event that should be considered common knowledge for all registered participants.

If I am unclear about the meaning of a particular phrase, I will seek clarification from a representative of MUIC.

By reading and understanding and signing this agreement, I agree to the provisions set forth within this document and that I am equipped with basic knowledge to help ensure my own safety and the safety of those for whom I are legally responsible.

I hereby agree to the following conditions in consideration of MUIC allowing me to participate in the Event:

1. I understand the basic rules and physical requirements of the Sport.

2. I agree to read, understand and comply with the MUIC policies, codes of conduct and the rules of the Sport. I can obtain copies of policies, rules and the code of conduct from the MUIC website: www.madridultimatecup.inmortalesuc.com

3. I agree that, by participating in the Event, I am risking serious injury including chronic pain, permanent incapacitation,paralysis and death, particularly through contact with the ground, other players and objects on or outside the playing field. I acknowledge that there have historically been deaths associated with participating in similar Events due to lightning strike, heart attack and road accident.

4. I understand that the Sport is self-refereed, so that the athletes must take on all responsibilities that might be associated with a referee. In particular, I take responsibility to ensure that the Sport is played within the rules, that athlete safety is maintained, and that problems are addressed as they occur.

5. Although the Sport may be termed a non-contact sport, I agree that contact may occur. It may occur because players fail to perceive a potentially dangerous situation, evaluate risk poorly, lack sufficient co-ordination, or intentionally cause contact. I will take reasonable steps to avoid collisions that would be expected to harm me or other players.

6. I understand that I must be medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Event. I agree that, prior to participating in the Event, I have consulted a medical practitioner if I have a pre-existing medical condition that could be exacerbated by my participation, or if I am pregnant.

7. If I believe it is unsafe to continue to participate, I will remove myself from an Activity or the Event.

8. Playing fields may contain defects such as holes, sprinkler heads, mud, rocks, broken glass and other foreign materials. I acknowledge that MUIC may not have the resources to fully inspect playing fields before each Activity and so I will ensure that fields are safe prior to playing on them, take-mitigating action if necessary or choose not to play if the risks are too great.

9. I will remove myself immediately from any lightning-affected Activity and not wait for an official cancellation of the Activity.

10. I will discontinue participation in an Activity if I am affected by heat, feel dizzy, nauseous or weak, and will seek medical attention immediately.

11. I will plan to avoid driving any vehicle if tired or intoxicated. I will avoid being a passenger in a vehicle if I believe the driver is tired or intoxicated. I will exercise extra prudence and planning for long journeys and in adverse conditions such as rain or night driving.

12. I agree that I am responsible for ensuring that any property I bring to an Activity is protected from loss, theft or damage.

13. I agree that either I have a right to public health cover in all of the countries and jurisdictions in which the Event will take place, or that I have taken out sufficient medical or travel insurance to cover potential medical expenses for injuries sustained during the Event, including long-term hospitalization or permanent incapacitation. I agree that any injuries I sustain during the Event may result in significant financial loss through hospitalization, long-term medical bills or being unable to work. If I choose not to obtain personal insurance against such losses, it is at my own risk.

14. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the MUIC Code of Conduct, including the following:

• I agree to treat other persons with respect, including using language that is respectful of their race, gender and physical characteristics.

• I agree to not physically harm or threaten physical harm to another person, including reckless actions while playing the Sport.

• I agree to not harass other persons by continuing to behave in an unwelcome manner after it has been made clear by them that such behaviour is unwelcome.

• I agree to not discriminate against other persons in any decision-making responsibility I have, based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation or beliefs.

• I agree to not participate in any betting activities relating to the outcome of competition at the Event at which I am participating.

• I agree to abide by dress codes at opening, closing and medal ceremonies, wearing my team uniform if necessary or I will not be allowed to participate in those ceremonies.

• I agree to abide by all MUIC by-laws, policies and the rules of the Sport.

• I agree to abide by all of the laws of the countries and jurisdictions where I am participating in the Event.

• I agree to not participate in the Sport if my judgement, reaction times or physical ability is significantly impaired by intoxication due to legal or illicit drugs.

• I agree to conduct myself according to the Spirit of the Game, both on and off the field.

The consequences of breaching this Code of Conduct include suspension from the Sport at all levels and the referral of matters to the police.

15. As a participant in the event I abide by the MUIC Code of Conduct on sports betting integrity for athletes, officials and event participants and declare in particular that I will not bet on my sport, that I will not share sensitive information about my sport and that I will not take part in any activities on match fixing or sports manipulation. I understand that any offence against these regulations will be sanctioned according to MUIC policies.

16. I give MUIC permission for the free use of my name, voice, picture, likeness and provided biographical information in any broadcast, telecast, commercial recording, advertising, promotion or other account of MUIC, the Event and any Sports.

17.         a.) As a consequence from the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) I declare that I am here by informed on the collection of my personal data, particularly my name, first and middle names, date of birth, email contact,gender, postal address, telephone contacts, facebook and Instagram account domains, and sporting performance historical data and all other relevant data to register for and manage the sports event appropriately as per competition rules and for results management purposes.

b.) I declare consent that these data are collected, stored and used in any other form solely for these sports event purposes.

c.) I am informed that I can withdraw this consent at any time by sending an email to europecontact@inmortales.com.

d.) I am informed about my rights to request information about the stored data at any time and to have the data deleted, corrected, and blocked and I am informed that I may execute these rights by sending an email to europecontact@inmortales.com.

e.) To contact the MUIC Data Protection Unit I may send an email to europecontact@inmortales.com

19- COVID-19 policies

a.) A daily Antigen test will be required for all unvaccinated players.

b.) A maximum of two (2) unvaccinated players will be aloud per team

c.) For logistics and coordination reasons, due to the number of Antigen tests, unvaccinated players for the event will be limited.

d.) A maximum of 30 unvaccinated players can attend the tournament.

e.) The antigen tests will be available at medical station. (90/units = 30 players having 3 tests, 1 daily)

f.) Antigen tests should be paid separately from the player fees.

g.) As part of the official Spanish travel advice, all players will require a PCR test completed before entering Spain. If this changes, all teams will be notified immediately.

h.) Out of the playing fields, it could be required to wear a FFP2 COVID-19 mask & keep social distance.

i.) FFP2 mask should be wear while players are not playing

j.) Distance of 2 meters should be kept between players or any event assistance that are not playing, people out of the fields having a distance less than 2 meters should wear FFP2 mask

k.) URL COVID-19 passport or similar document will be checked to enter the facilities

l.) Applicable (at the time of the event) Spanish COVID-19 guidelines will be follow

By signing below, I agree that I have read and understood this document.

_______________________________________ ______________________________________

FULL NAME of participant                                          TEAM/ ROLE at Event (please print clearly)

_______________________________________ ______________________________________

SIGNATURE of participant                                          DATE

If the participant is a minor (usually, under 18 years old, but may differ by citizenship) at any time during the Event, this agreement must be signed by their legal guardian (usually, either parent).

_______________________________________ ______________________________________

SIGNATURE of Legal Guardian                                   FULL NAME of legal guardian (please print clearly)