Main Philosophy

A) Women = 7 games minimum & 8 Games for 1st (The Champs) and 2nd

B) Open = All teams play 6 games in total

Basic Rules of the games:

1) The games will be 85 min/15 points on Friday and 90 min/15 points on Saturday and Sunday

2) Half time occurs when the first team reaches 8 points and lasts 2 min.

3) One time-out available   per team for each half for 75 seconds.

4) Max pull time 75 sec.

5) After the time cap, teams will finish the current point they are playing. 
5.1) If they points difference is 2 or more the game is over.
5.2) If the points difference is less than 2, then teams will add a point to the highest score and teams will play to that score

Main Rules

Game time starts at the allotted time unless a previous game has run overtime.  Teams will be allowed ten (20) minutes from the end of the previous game to get to their next game if it ran overtime.

Any delay to the start of the game or extended injury during the game will also delay the time cap for that game.  Captains are to agree on the time to be added.

If bad light or extreme weather forces stoppage of games, the schedule will be revised. Where possible games will be rescheduled – time caps and points caps may be reduced to allow games to be rescheduled.


In the event that two or more teams have the same win/ loss record (or the number of points) at the conclusion of the round-robin matches, the higher placed team will be decided by applying the following

Ranking Criteria and Tie Breakers

After round-robin pool play, rank all teams in each pool by the number of games won.

If teams are tied, break that tie using the ranking criteria.

Each ranking criterion is used to rank all of the tied teams, not just to determine the highest-ranked team.

If, after the application of a ranking criterion, all of the teams remain tied, go to the next criterion. 

If not all teams remain tied, but one or more subgroups of the teams remain tied, separate these subgroups from the ranking.  Each subgroup is then to be ranked separately, starting with the first ranking criterion.

Ranking criteria, in order:

  1. Number of games won, counting only games between the teams that are tied.
  2. Fewest games forfeited.
  3. Goal difference, counting only games between the teams that are tied.
  4. Goal difference, counting games against all common opponents.
  5. Goals scored per game, counting only games between the teams that are tied.
  6. Goals scored per game, counting games against all common opponents.
  7. Each team nominates one player to throw one disc from behind the goal line to the far brick point on a regulation playing field. Throwing order is determined randomly, by disc toss or otherwise.  Teams are ranked in order by the distance from the resting place of each disc to the brick point, from closest to furthest



3.1 Day1 schedule

3.2 Day2 schedule

3.3 Day3 schedule

To avoid teams to play Sunday at 8:00 am.

For Women Games, only on Sundays, in the current schedule the teams name are not included.

According Womens ranking at saturday night, we will put the game that is at 11:40 (the one before the final) for teams that will not go to the final (acccording their ranking). All the teams in Sunday are To be Defined (TBD). On Saturday Night we will put the teams name of Sundays games.