FAQ Frequent Asked Questions

29-08-2021 Update (COVID-19 Approach update & Player Registration Requirements added in point 15th below)

1- I don’t have a team, but I would like to play

If you are an individual player and you do not have a team, we could place you in one of the confirmed teams, please send us an email ( europecontact@inmortalesuc.com ) with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Division you want to play:
  • How many years playing:
  • Position (Handler, Cutter, Defense):
  • Are you an active player (yes/no):
  • Name of the team you play today:
  • Height:
  • Time to run 10 km (to understand your physical condition):
  • Where are you located (Country):
  • Any specific characteristics you would like to highlight?
  • Email:

2- Who is organizing MUIC?

Inmortales Ultimate Club (InmortalesUC)

3 – Who is InmortaleUC?

Inmortales Ultimate Club (InmortalesUC) was founded in 1996 in Caracas-Venezuela

Since 1996 our players have organized different tournaments and leagues, the most iconic tournament was the Santa Teresa Tournament that was held in Santa Teresa Rum facilities https://www.santateresarum.com/

In 2019 Inmortales Ultimate Club open a second team in Madrid named Inmortales Europe

The organization committee is full of experienced players and professionals that are working hard to bring the best tournament possible.

4- Why a bear & sword?

It is the combination of Inmortales Logo & the Madrid City Logo

5- When is tournament final “go no go” call?



August 2021 is our tournament final “go no go “call, depending on how the vaccine is implemented and is distributed. If there is no clear development of COVID-19 vaccination, the event will be canceled & moved to 2022.

6- When is team fee due date?

July 23th

7- When is players fee due date?

August 15th

8- What are the refund policies?

8.1- If MUIC organization cancels the event, 95% will be reimbursed.

(*) If the cancellation occurs before September 1st, reimbursement will be processed within two weeks.

(**) If the cancellation occurs after September 1s, 40% of the reimbursement will be processed within two weeks, and the remainder 55% will be reimbursed within one month.

8.2- If the teams decide to retire (for any reason) from the event before September 1st, 95% will be reimbursed.

8.3- If the teams decide to retire (for any reason) from the event after September 1st, 40% will be reimbursed.

9- What is the COVID-19 APPROACH?

Check our specific section for COVID-19 here: https://madridultimatecup.inmortalesuc.com/covid-19-approach/

10- Shall we wear “COVID” masks while playing games?

The intention is not to wear “COVID” masks while playing. For that reason vaccination is required, however, we cannot warrantee this, because government policies can change.

11- How should I pay accommodation?

Player should contact directly to the Hotels and pay directly to the Hotels

Best hotels option (price vs quality) is the B&B Hotel

Details of accommodation in our web, here: https://madridultimatecup.inmortalesuc.com/accomodation-options/

12- Teams uniforms code

All players must wear the same & complete uniforms (T-shirts + Short Pants).

Since game are going to be broadcasted, it is important to wear complete uniforms & have 2 uniforms (one dark uniform + one light uniform)

14- Teams information for broadcasting commentators

Please send the list of players indicating:

  1. Name 
  2. Number
  3. A brief description of the player: What tournaments has played? What tournaments has won? etc + anything information the player want to add

All this information will be transferred to the Streaming Commentators of UltiTV & DesdeLaLinea, an excel spreadsheet template could be downloaded here in the web section of ROSTER TEMPLATE here https://madridultimatecup.inmortalesuc.com/rosters-templates/

15- Player registration requirements

A) COVID-19 QR Code or COVID-19 Passports or Vaccination Certificate issued by the country you’re coming from.

B) ID or Passport

C) Proof/copy of Player Fee Payment 

D) Signed Waiver 

All should be sent in advance before November 15th to europecontact@inmortalesuc.com