What is the COVID-19 APPROACH?

1- The tournament relies on having a clear picture of COVID-19 vaccination before the Team fees due date (August 1st).

2- A daily Antigen test will be required for all unvaccinated players.

3- Maximum, around one (1) unvaccinated players per team

4- For Logistics/Coordination reasons, due to the number of Antigen tests, unvaccinated players for the tournament will be limited.

5- A maximum of 30 unvaccinated players can attend the tournament.

6- The Antigen tests will be available next to the medical tent/ambulance. (90/units = 30 players having 3 tests, 1 daily)

7- Antigen tests should be paid separately (additional) from player fees.

8- As part of the official Spanish travel advice, you need to have the PCR test completed before entering Spain. If this changes, all teams will be notified immediately.

9- Out of the playing fields, It could be required to wear a FFP2 COVID-19 mask & keep social distance.

10- FFP2 mask should be wear while players are not playing

11- Distance of 2 meters should be kept between players or any event assistance that are not playing

12- URL COVID-19 passport or similar document will be checked to enter the facilities

13 Applicable (at the time of the event) Spanish COVID-19 guidelines will be follow

14 Further guideline details to be communicated…